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La Kinkerne
Traditional song and dance of Savoy


 La Kinkerne Yè pâ des Kinkernes
Yè pâ des sniüles
Aproé dè la miné
Yè des trennagana

KINKERNE [ k~e kerna ] n.f.
1) Savoyard patois: hurdy-gurdy
2) An old person that repeats him/herself
Syn. Viourga. "Chanta la viourga / Pe gagnyi mon pan / S'été pas ma viourga / De morou de fan." (folk song)
Traditional Savoy folk group. Starting from resarch about the songs, dance, instruments, customs and legends of Savoy, this musical group aims to give new life to Savoy's folk culture.

The group offers:

- Entertainment in street fairs, schools, retirement homes and vacation resorts.
- Dances, balls, wakes, workshops and concerts

The group has performed:

- in MJCs, conventions, workshops
- in summer camps, summer communities
- in traditional folk music festivals in Chapeau-Cornu, Geneva, Besançon, La Voulte, Annemasse; in the Montreux jazz festival ; at the international Theater and Animation convention in Vichy, in the international children's festival in Sibenik - Yugoslavia (in collaboration with the ANDM of Annecy); in "Musek 77" in Tralee - Ireland; in Nyon - Switzerland 1977-78 ; Maurienne 78 ; Osnabrück 79 ; Borgosesia 80 ; Frioul 80 ; Milan 81 ; Bergamo 81 ; Ris Orangis 82 ; Le Châtelet 82 . . .



The musicians

La Kinkerne is made up of three musicians: Jean-Marc Jacquier, Christian Abriel and Robert Amyot. You will find additional information about each one of them by clicking on the images below:




 Robert Amyot
pipes, clarinet

 Christian Abriel
flute, fiddle, ocarina

  Jean-Marc Jacquier
accordeon, hurdy-gurdy


The music

Songs of Savoie, of Switzerland and Piedmont: La Kinkerne's repertory spans the melodies of traditional Alpine folk music. The majority of its repertory comes nonetheless from Savoie: ancient melodies, songs in Savoyard patois, recreated with folk instruments whose sound would be familiar to our ancestors of centuries past. For over thirty years, Jean-Marc has been collecting old songs which oftentimes exist only in the memories of a few old people; La Kinkerne brings these melodies back to life, and reminds us of the songs and dances that entertained and moved our ancestors, melodies that surely would have disappeared if not for the meticulous work of these three musicians.


In the good old days of LPs, La Kinkerne made a number of recordings that are now out of print. Fortunately, their music is available on three CDs which, though hard to find, can nonetheless be ordered through finer music stores or directly from the publishers.

La Kinkerne
SAVOIE (1991)

Chants et Musiques de France
Planett WMD 242025


La Kinkerne
Music Alpina (1995)
Production Musik'Alpes / Alain Claude

La Kinkerne
Compagnons Savoyards (1996)

Production Musik'Alpes / Alain Claude

MP3 samples

Thanks to the new MP3 technology, we can offer you a few samples of La Kinkerne's music. Click on the MP3 symbol to the right of the title in the boxes below to download the music files. After you have downloaded the files, you must rename them, changing the extension from zip to mp3. You will also need an MP3 player, several of which are freeware available on the net. You can download the most popular of these players by clicking here on WinAmp .

El Me Galucio
SAVOIE (1991)
The one-minute excerpt "weighs" 1053KB
Note de Flé
Music Alpina (1995)
The entire melody is contained in 920KB
Valse La Charmeuse
Compagnons Savoyards (1996)
The complete waltz is 1025KB

These MP3 files have been posted
with the express permission of the artists.
in order to allow you to learn about their music.
We encourage you to purchase their CDs!

Contact La Kinkerne :

Jean-Marc Jacquier
13, rue Roger-Salengro
74100 Ville-la-Grand (France)



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