La Kinkerne

Robert Amyot

Born in Montreal (Canada), I spent the greatest part of my childhood in the town of Grande-Côte. A mother who listened to Elvis Presley and sang with her brother, a father who was a great fan of Louis Armstrong, and champion dancer in his youth. In my parents' home, traditional songs were an important part of every holiday. Singing makes you want to make music with an instrument.. So I went ahead with an old dream and devoted myself to learning the pipes. It is through the pipes that I came to the old continent and the old country. In France I studied under J. Blanchard, E. Girardon, B. Letron, and A. Tovi.

I met up with the snow and La Kinkerne in mysterious Savoie . . .
I like pancakes with whipped cream and fresh blueberries . . .

Voice, tin whistles, clarinets, bagpipes, percussion.

Robert also has a "one-man show",
L'Histoire de Gédéon Tranche-Montagne (The Story of Gedeon the Mountain-slicer)
Tales, songs, bagpipes and cooking all rolled into one, because as he sings and tells tall tales Robert prepares a meal that he shares with the spectators at the conclusion of the show!

For all and any information, to set up a show, please contact Robert Amyot by telephone in France at .


La Compagnie du Beau Temps also has a web page about
Robert Amyot & Co


Sur la Vignolon B6740 (Ethnic Auvidis)

Trappeur courtois Y225038 (Silex Auvidis)

Le Quintette de Cornemuse Ménagerie (Auvidis)

La grande bande des cornemuses (Auvidis)

La Cie du Beau Temps Le grand festin (Auvidis)

Bruno Letron Valhermeil (Auvidis)

La Kinkerne Musicalpina


Contact :

Robert Amyot
Bourgeal Dessous
74130 Brison

Tél/Fax : (33) 04 50 96 97 67


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