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Faverges , county seat, is a medium-sized city located in the midst of picturesque mountains: la Dent de Cons (2060 m), la Sambuy (2198 m), l'Arclosan (2032 m), and la Motte, (1420 m). Numerous hamlets dot the valley and mountainsides. Faverges' location, halfway between the major cities of Annecy and Albertville, at the intersection of several valleys, makes it an active and lively community all year long.

Visitors to Faverges will find that the community has over 130km of marked hiking trails as well as tennis courts, three sports stadiums, a modern gymnasium, three hotels (60 rooms total), 400 beds in furnished apartments or vacation homes, a golf course (27 holes), and three ski resorts (Montmin and La Sambuy for downhill, and Seythenex for cross-country skiing). And of course, Lake Annecy, with its many water-sports facilities and beaches, is just minutes from downtown Faverges.

Among the main tourist attractions in the Faverges district, Tamié Abbey clearly stands out; it attracts thousands of pilgrims yearly for retreats; however, just a couple of miles outside of Faverges on the road to Tamié, you will find the Seythenex cave and waterfall; it is the only cave in the Savoie area open to tourists. In the area you can also find some fine restaurants and hotels such as "l'Hôtel du Parc" in Faverges, "Les Trappeurs" at the Tamié mountain pass, and "le Gay Séjour" at Le Tertenoz.

Industry in Faverges is represented by three major players in world markets: the largest is Staübli S.A., which manufactures loom control boxes as well as high-tech connectors of types found on train braking systems, Airbus aircraft or even the Ariane space rocket. Staübli started a few years ago to develop and manufacture industrial robots, and now sells leading-edge designs of unparalleled precision. These are used in heavy industry, as well as medicine and pharmaceutics.

The other large factories in Faverges are S.T. Dupont, which manufactures fine gold and lacquer objects such as cigarette lighters and fountain pens. It is in Faverges that the company was born; it has retail stores in cities such as Paris, London and Tokyo. The third large company is Bourgeois S.A., which manufactures professional oven equipment; some of their products are known in North America under the Hobart brand name.

The town of Faverges is especially proud of its new steam heating plant which uses as a fuel source 100% recycled wood products. The plant now heats one third of the city, from apartment buildings to sports facilities and public schools. The pipe network is being lenghtened, and the heating plant, which now functions well under capacity, will heat almost all of central Faverges. The plant uses discarded wood products as a fuel source; previously, shipping crates and pallets, sawmill discards and forestry waste had to be buried or incinerated; these materials are now used as a fuel source and are burned in zero-emission high-efficiency furnaces, thus providing low-cost heat while at the same time reducing demand on the municipal landfill, and helping the environment. The photo at right shows the Director of the Office de Tourisme leading American university students through the heating plant.


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