The French Federation of Archaeology was created in Paris some ten years ago, on March 5th, 1989. In the face of the systematic governmental policy intending to reserve archaeological investigation exclusively for professional archaeologists, the defense of the rights of volunteer diggers and archaeologists (who have historically been trailblazers in this area of research) became urgent, since many eminent archeologists, with scientific credentials, were denied access to field investigations and digs, which were then assigned to remunerated archaeologists.

The principal objectives of the FFA are as follows:

  • to organize, at the national level, volunteer and professional archaeologists (individuals, associations) in order to represent their interests before the official archaeological institutions
  • to encourage scientific exchanges among its members and the sharing of know-how and experience
  • to promote the discovery, safeguarding, and development of our archeological heritage; to defend volunteer archaeology; to promote public consciousness of our cultural heritage

Member of the European Forum of Heritage Associations and of the National Federation of Associations for the Rescue of Sites and Monuments, the FFA is a gathering of individuals and local / regional associations, and numbers about 1500 members. Some of its member associations have created and run archaeological museums. The FFA publishes a quarterly bulletin, L'Archéologue, and organizes national meetings.

The FFA actively helps to place volunteers on archeological digs in France and throughout Europe. The FFA assists in finding research grants (advice, bibliographical help) , and counsels future archeologists on the course of their studies.


Fédération Française d'Archéologie
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25000 Besançon (France)

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