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Born in Verchères, Haute Savoie (France) in April 1993, Beanie was vaccinated and received his health passport to travel to the United States in July 1993. He is a European tabby of uncertain lineage, though his father is believed to be a barn cat from the dairy farm which is located near his mother's house.


Now full-grown, Beanie spends most of the year in Ohio, though he returns every summer to his native Haute Savoie, where he is a respected mouser. He visits the neighbors' vegetable gardens and catches multitudes of field mice, garden rats, voles, lizards, and even the occasional mole. While he likes to a nibble on fresh rodents, he clearly prefers roast chicken.

By the end of 1999, Beanie had crossed the Atlantic Ocean a total of 11 times, which makes him quite the experienced traveler. (The airlines refuse, however, to grant him frequent flyer miles.) He always travels in the passenger cabin, his first two crossings in steerage having resulted in cases of pneumonia. He now accepts the voyage with resignation, and complains little of the cramped accommodations on board modern aircraft. He has traveled in Embraer and Canadair commuter jets, as well as MD-11, Airbus A-320, A-330, A-340, and Boeing 747-400 jumbo jets. He apparently prefers the MD-11, (he his much calmer in an MD-11) though he has not yet explained his choice, and likely never will. As an interesting side note, we returned in August 1998 on the very aircraft that crashed off Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, a few weeks later. But we still fly on Swissair.

Beanie evidently understands cat, French and English with equal facility, though he speaks only cat.

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