After ten years of music-making, the group

Cor'Alpes has disbanded and no longer performs.

The website remains as a reminder of the group's existence.


The group performed at :

  • Holidays, weddings, wakes, workshops and concerts
  • Street fairs, lumberjack contests
  • schools, retirement homes . . .

The group has participated in :

  • Foire de la St Ours, Aoste, Italie
  • Festival della Canzone Traditionale, Capriata d'Orba, Italie
  • Festival de Villars sur Ollon, Suisse
  • Nuits Harmoniques, Lyon
  • Festival Au Bonheur des Mômes, le Grand Bornand
  • Fête de la St Vincent, Frangy
  • Festival Folklorique International de Confolens
  • Les Festins Alpins, Grenoble
  • Nuit des Musiques de la Montagne, Auditorium Ravel, Lyon
  • Tour de France 1999, le Grand Bornand
  • Spectacle les Alpes chantées, Lyon
  • Talent de vie, France 2 Television
  • Tous égaux France 3 Television
  • Pousse café, France 3 Rhône Alpes Auvergne TV
  • Pays d'ici, France 3 Rhône Alpes Auvergne TV
  • France Musique National Radio
  • Le Kiosque à Musique, Radio Suisse Romande
  • and in many cities in France, Switzerland and Italy,
    including Faverges, Groisy, Beaumont, St Jorioz, Manigod,
    Bourgoin Jallieu, Moûtiers, Cluses, le Maillet de Montagne,
    Menton, Villars, Aosta ...

Cor'Alpes in Concert in Beaumont; the trio accompanies the church organ in an
exhaustive foray into the classical alph-horn music repertoire


The Musicians

Cor Alpes is composed of three musicians: Christian Abriel, Nicolas Perrillat and Pascal Thormeyer. You can find out more about each of them by clicking on the images below:

Pascal Thormeyer

Nicolas Perrillat

Christian Abriel


The Alp Horn

The Alp Horn is composed of three parts: the mouthpiece, the horn, and the bell. All together, they typically measure some twelve feet in length. A horn may be tuned at the time of its manufacture to either F-Natural or F-sharp, which is in large part dependent on its length. This cannot be changed!

Traditionally carved in a young red spruce chosen for its natural curve, the bell of the horn is carved by hand. Numerous horn makers prefer to work on a solid piece of wood. Hollowing out the entire horn with a gouge takes over 50 hours of work, to which another 100 hours must be added for the shaping, tuning, and finishing of the instrument. Its thickness, which varies in regular fashion from 4 to 7 millimeters along the length of the horn, gives the instrument a well-balanced tone. The two hollowed halves of the tube ( the "horn" proper ) must be planed, sanded, polished, and then joined. Additional tuning may be required. Horns are traditionally circled with rings to give them additional strength and durability. These rings may be made of wicker, wood, brass, or even iron.

Used to call the cattle home for the evening milking, the famed Ranz des Vaches has its origins in the distant past. The very word ranz is celtic in origin and not found in the French language outside of this specific title.

Alp Horn Music

It is hard to find an instrument more closely linked to the Alpine hinterland, though it can now be found also in the Rocky Mountains of North America. Its very limited melodic range, typical of valveless horns, requires special compositions . . .

In the realm of symphonic music, the Alp Horn is found for the first time in Leopold Mozart's "Sinfonia Pastorella" (1755). References to the famed ranz des vaches can be found in the symphonies of Haydn, Beethoven, Berlioz and Brahms. The latter even composed, in 1868, a melody for Alp Horn, and reused this very melody nine years later in the triumphant horn solo of his First Symphony.


The CD! Veillà d'hivé (A Winter's Eve)

Veillà d'hivé - Nicolas Perrillat
with Cor Alpes

Collection Musiques Tracées de Savoie
C&C MTS 03 -


MP3 samples

Thanks to the new MP3 technology, we can offer you a few samples of La Kinkerne's music. Click on the MP3 symbol to the right of the title in the boxes below to download the music files. After you have downloaded the files, you must rename them, changing the extension from zip to mp3. You will also need an MP3 player, several of which are freeware available on the net. You can download the most popular of these players by clicking here on WinAmp .

These 3 files are excerpts from the CD
Veilla d'hivé

by Nicolas Perrillat, with Cor Alpes
Cor à cor - (1,067K) - Alphorn trio.
This is a 1 minute, 7 second excerpt of the melody.
Descente des Alpages - (795K) - sounds of cow bells and herders. This is a 50-second excerpt of the track.

Neige à Hirmentaz - (907KB) - Alphorn trio, and ambient sounds of snowstorm; 57-second excerpt.


These MP3 files have been posted
with the express permission of the artists.
in order to allow you to learn about their music.
We encourage you to purchase their upcoming CD!

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Download a photo of Cor'Alpes
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