Traditional Music and Songs of the Piedmont


The folk band ARIONDASSA was created in 1996, composed of mostly of "old mates" of the North Italian folk scene (Tre martelli, Ombra Gaja, La Kinkerne, La Ciapa rusa, etc.). The musicians of ARIONDASSA have been playing traditional Piedmontese music for well over 25 years.

Simone e LampoThe goal of ARIONDASSA is to re-create, with the help of the treppo (a sort of street performer's stage curtain) the spirit and atmosphere of the old Piedmontese country festival. The performance staged by the band is composed of songs about love, wine and food; wistful mazurkas and animated polkas are skillfully performed with the piffero (traditional oboe) and are punctuated with jokes and riddles from the olden days .

CiacioSinger extraordinaire Vincenzo "Ciacio" Marchelli, with his velvety yet powerful voice, involves the audience directly with friendly banter and asides. The story of "Magna Denda," the comical song of "Jan d'Avignon," "Ciavatin e Muradur," (about the rice harvest), all of these traditional songs remain alive with the voice of today's Piedmontese people.

ARIONDASSA 's CD, "Il Tabernacolo dell'Onesto Peccato", recorded live in Switzerland in 2001, won the "Bravo!" award of France's "Trad. Magazine" and is the faithful mirror of the sound of the band.

The band …

Vincenzo "Ciacio" MARCHELLI: voice, melodion & fruja (percussion)
Lorenzo "Lampo" BOIOLI: piffero, gralla, pipes, clarinet, flutes, & voice
Simone "Piotamola" BOGLIA: piffero, gralla, pipes, clarinet, flutes, & voice
Rinaldo "Gegno" DORO: melodion, hurdy-gurdy, & voice
Emanuella BELLIS: hurdy-gurdy, & voice
"Stuffo" AMYOT: voice, bagpipes, clarinets, flutes, & percussion

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Ciacio Emanuella Rinaldo Simone Robert Lampo Boioli